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Sacred Woman Rising

She remembered who she was and everything changed... 
She rose.

After having traveled the world, worked, trained and led 100s of women in the corporate fashion world for over 16 and in conscious communities over 10 years, I had a strong vision to bring all this experience on 1 platform & create immersions and programs.

Having lived, worked with women from different backgrounds & cultures and learnt both modern and ancient lineages, I understood that:

We are born with unique gifts, we are here to embody, create, share and lead with the Feminine:

intuition, wisdom, listening, connection, gentle care & inner power.

The future is in our hands.

On this international platform, I offer transformative and creative masterclasses & trainings.

These programs are uniquely designed weaving together tools & knowledge of contemporary leadership,  wisdom & teachings of ancient science, mystic traditions and embodied practices.

I invite You, beautiful Woman to remember who you are. 

Remember your worth, your power, your gentleness, your unique gifts and Divinity, live your Soul purpose & create an abundant and joyous life.

Do you feel the call?



Renowned Professor at the Fine Arts of Mysore University, India

I can address Emese as the most beautiful lady, perfect focused pursuing who has known defeat, struggle and loss and found her way out of the depth.

She has an appreciation sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills her with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern.

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Founder of Integral Healng Academy

Malaga, Spain

Eme as a teacher guided me through a beautifully intense experience which was very powerful in my overall journey & life, and 100% a factor where I am now.

She helps you in reconnecting to parts of Yourself which may have been repressed or not activated yet. 

She awakening something in me that I had been missing for years:

reconnection with Feminine, as well as with Nature.

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Head of Visual Merchandising Fashion Home & Concept

Dubai, UAE

Eme is a woman of positivity, energy and creativity. Her inspiration for life is greater than the Universe itself. everything is a journey leading to destination and this translates in her work where imagination and eye for detail never leaves a story untold.

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Founder of Ecstatic World

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Eme is a beautiful being who has indepth study and research in anything she does which makes her an amazing teacher.